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jack’s bass is back

By Jeff Button

Jacks Bass has been recovered. Couple had taken great care of it. They refused reward and only accepted a ‘token’ after pressing. They put an ad in Examiner, alerted their local police on Sunday morning, Police had got in touch. Couple not impressed with hypnotist seen on the Saturday night but are music fans So Bass back & EC might have two new fans 🙂


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jack’s bass update

By Jack Button
We think we have found the people who took the bass for safekeeping. They kindly put an ad in the Examiner today – the same day as I put an article in there! Will keep you posted…

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help jack get his bass back

5 String, Blue, "Shuker" Jazz Bass

5 String, Blue, "Shuker" Jazz Bass

By Jack Button.

On 30th October my bass was taken by someone outside the Mechanics in Marsden, Huddersfield. I hope that by creating this group that someone might know the people who did or, that the people who did pick it up get to hear about this group and return my instrument.

There is CCTV footage of two couples picking up the guitar at 12.40am where I had (very stupidly) left it propped up against a lamp post. An eye witness had seen them leaving The Shakespeare pub a few minutes before this. CCTV footage from inside the pub shows that, whilst they were possibly not local residents of Marsden, they did know some people to talk to.

If you were in the Shakespeare that night or you are a regular there I would massively appreciate you popping in there and looking at the image that Des (the landlord) has of these people.

For anyone else please keep your ears to the ground about anyone saying they have found it (I know if I had found something like this on a night out it would be something that I would mention to people). Also, please spread the word that I am looking for this instrument, add your friends to this group – they say your only ever a few people away from everyone in the world, luckily this world only has to extend to Marsden and the surrounding areas!

Just to be 100% clear, the bass was not stolen from my person nor was I there when it happened. To all intensive purposes the bass was propped up against a lamp post in the street and I think most people in that situation would have taken it for safekeeping to be returned to the rightful owner later. From the CCTV footage they are hesitant about picking it up and don’t try to conceal what they are doing – I hope they were just doing what they thought was right and, in due course, they will return the bass to me. The police are involved and are currently trying to further piece together footage including trying to retrieve the registration plate of the car.

Thankyou so much for reading this, I really appreciate the support I’ve had so far from everybody. This instrument is my livelihood and with it I hope to build my future and career as a professional musician – it would mean the world to me if it was returned!



Description: 5 String, Blue, “Shuker” Jazz Bass. Have a look at the picture for this group. I had this bass made for me personally by John Shuker in Sheffield so there is only one of these basses in existence. If you think you have seen it, it will be my bass.

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marsden mechanics community website?

I’ve been contacted tonight to advise on the relocation of the Marsden Mechanics website. Being a small charity unable to justify the expense of constant small updates and wanting to promote the facilities at the Mechanics more as a community resource, they are looking for a solution which they can easily maintain themselves. This could be good candidate for it’s own social network web site providing the facilities for admins to add content and events, the community with a message board and the ability to provide content and media both before and after events.

I have also been asked to join the Mechanics Management Committee, first meeting tomorrow which I cannot attend as I shall be at (#smc_mcr) social media cafe manchester III hopefully attending Tim Difford‘s session:

Are Social Media tools the key to unlocking truly productive multi-location projects?
Can the face-to-face demands of collaborative team-working be replaced or simply augmented by Social Media?

Other important news today……

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