I’ve been a local gov webby type for the last seven years. Not having much experience with blogging but becoming increasingly aware of the benefits  I’ve decided to dip my toe into the water.

I’ve started this blog to try to keep track of my journey into how local government can best use social media to improve service delivery and engagement with people and communities.

So far consistsing mainly of stuff that I’ve been discovering around the web as I get a bit more used to the environment I intend to start adding some of my own thoughts and musings, which I have found happening slowly but surely.

As you will see from my blog roll I have some very good sources and examples to learn from. If I can make this blog only half as useful and interesting  as those cited there I will be happy.



  1. alex said


    Any chance of joining your ning group on social media ( the private one )

    Dave Briggs could vouch for me


  2. steventuck said

    Alex, Thank you for your interest. I am sorry but at the moment, whilst we are finding our way with this, I have to restrict the ning social media group membership to staff only. It is my hope that we will be able to open this up at some point in the future so we can mutually benefit through collaboration with people external to the organisation.

  3. Deyan said


    I noticed that you are friends with the person with twitter account redmark. I was wondering if you mind putting us in touch since s/he doesn’t seem to be using it and I would love to acquire it (for the obvious reasons I think :).


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