Schrodinger’s Lolcat & The Social Media Pub Social

After the last few social media surgeries I’ve taken part in in Huddersfield I have bemoaned the lack of opportunity for the surgeons to socialise, compare notes and have a good old pint together. Though we do normally adjourn to a local pub for a chat after a surgery I thought we might all benefit from something a bit more – but then I would wouldn’t I? 🙂

After speaking to @johnpopham, @kevupnorth, @watfordgap and I think even @timdifford at the Huddersfield food festival I decided to try to organise a get together. With Tuesday 16th November being the aniversary of Huddersfield Social’s first social media surgery I couldn’t think of a more appropriate date.    The venue is still yet to be decided – I’m looking for somewhere near Huddersfield train station that has wifi – and things will kick off around 6pm. I’ll put up and Eventbrite page as soon as I’ve finalised the details.

It’s been a busy year in which I’ve enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people. Hope to see you there.


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