4 Letter Word

When doing a presentation, workshop, surgery or any other type of social media advice session I find that clearing up the mystery behind some of the terms is an essential first step. It’s the same old story. Those who use terms everyday use them with a full (hopefully) understanding of what lies beneath the word. Most people (myself included), often don’t ask for clarification of the terms. This leads to slow or sometimes no progress at all. One of the most fearful words that still strikes fear into peoples hearts is Blog. That’s it. A simple, small 4 letter word that has the potential to cause untold confusion.

And do you know what a blog is? If you don’t or are not sure don’t be afraid to admit it because most people don’t. I might even not know but we’ve got to start somewhere.

So here goes..

Drum Roll………

A blog is….

A diary.

Sorry. That’s it.

Well the clue was in the name. Blog is simply the abbreviation of Weblog >> weBLOG >> get it? A Web Log being a log that you keep on the web 😉

Don’t look for any esoteric meaning, technical complexity, or insight that will elevate your conciousness onto a higher plane, that’s it. A blog is simply a web site used as a diary.

Easy innit?

How much you put in your diary is up to you
What you put in your diary is up to you
How often you update your diary is up to you

Now don’t get me wrong there are some things that work and some that don’t. Obviously if you’re a witty and errudite wordsmith you’re going to have more success than a clumsy mangler of the wirtten word like me. But that also depends on what you call success. If one person reads this and gets it I’ll consider this particular ramble a success but for some not making the Technorati Top 100 (or whatever) is a failure.

Why is this important? Because in my need to boil everything down to it’s most simplistic level isn’t most social media just a blog?

Twitter = small updates stating “What am I doing”

Facebook = small to medium status updates stating “What I am doing”

Blog = small to large updates stating “What I am doing”

etc etc…

There are varying degress of complexity within each of these tools but essentially they are still just diarys.

If you’re lucky enough you will attract people who are interested in “What you are doing” to your blog (whatever form that may take: blog, twitter, facebook etc) and form what has become known as a Social Network. Some of these people may want to just listen and some may want to communicate and engage with you. You may start to read their blogs which may introduce you to other routes and lead you to areas or poeple with a common interest and on it goes.

This is the social web which – remember – is just a diary.


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  1. samantha said

    well that explains that then lol

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