Simple innit?

I often think there must be a group of “management consultants” who spend their days sitting around under the palm trees on beaches in California, smoking pot and hoping for the next Eureka moment to arrive.

“Fuckin’ hey!”


“What we need man, is to get people thinking outside the box, pushing the envelope, squaring the circle”

“That’s some deep blue sky shit dude”

Where else could those phrases (and many others) come from?

What do they mean?

Does anybody actually know?

So I was surprised when I found this video recently which was a bit of an eye opener for me.

So after watching a colleague struggle to arrange the furniture to accommodate his guests in a small meeting room the other day, I drew it on the whiteboard. As he’s quite a bright fella I did expect him to work out the solution quite quickly. I was quite pleased – and it has to be said a little smug – when he didn’t as  I was hoping the revelation would strengthen the impact of the message.

Upon revealing the solution to him I asked:

“So how does that help you with your problem?”

“I’ll move the table out of the room,  we won’t need it anyway” he replied.

Sometimes the simple solution is the most effective but also the most elusive.


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