ideAS Ideas idEas

Sorry if you’ve heard this before but it’s a theme that I’m trying to develop after a conversation with an inspiring, creative  friend.

In the current economic environment and public sector overhaul, what we need now, more than ever before, are ideas. We have technology. We have the knowledge to use it. We need ideas.

How can we make best use of our knowledge and the technologies avialable to us today to provide better more efficient services? Ideas seldom come from people trying to get the job done, trying to meet targets, rushing around from one end of the day to the other. Ideas require creativity and creativity requires space to develop and grow.

How can we create this kind of environment in cultures where sitting and thinking, allowing your mind the space to wander, to create new ideas, is often not seen as providing value for money?

What would this environment look like?

I’m having a meeting with someone under a desk next week 🙂

We need to learn more about the creative process and begin to allow people the freedom to explore it and play with it.

Several years ago I saw a documentary about Zen Buddhism. A group of people were meditating in a temple. After a period of time the Zen Master crept into the temple and struck one of the meditators across the back with a leather strap. This shock was designed to instantly switch the meditator from one form of consciousness to another and was said to help break habitual thought patterns. Now I’m not suggesting that we go around flaying ideas out of each other but I strikes me (see what I did there :-)) that switching consciousness, breaking free from habitual thought patterns, turning things on their head, approaching things from a different perspective is essential if we are to develop new and exciting ideas.

Ideas are valuable and the good thing is, anyone can have ’em.


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  1. Spencer Wilson said

    Absolutely spot on. Even seems a bit pointless posting in agreement, as even those who might not be creative by nature couldn’t disagree that fresh ideas can be the catalyst for great transformations.

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