Social Media Surgeries and Council webcasts

That's what it's all about

Well we must be doing something right at the Huddersfield Social Media Surgeries (@huddsms)! Surgeons are turning up. Patients are turning up. @podnosh is turning up! Patients – some of who are keeping excellent blogs – are even becoming surgeons. Result!

But yet  I feel uneasy…

Why is that?

I’ve got my own ideas but really could do with some objective and inspiring debate to thrash a few ideas into shape.

On another strand I had one of those days at work today that makes it all worth while. Our first live webcast of a council meeting. The first full Council meeting after the election – Annual Council – apart from the sound being  a little low and a few other teething problems, it couldn’t have gone better. There is huge potential here, I’m hoping that’s recognised and embraced.

The Ning thing is a mess and, in a way has heightened of some of my concerns. I’ll feel a bit better about this when/if a method to export content from ning is revealed.


Facebook is changing its privacy settings from 26 May in response to complaints from users.

It’s taken me long enough to do this to know that it’s enough so I’ll stop there 🙂



  1. Nick Booth said

    Why uneasy? Share and we can start the debate here?

  2. Steven Tuck said

    I’m not sure I can make my case well in print so I’ll just bullet point a few thoughts.
    I don’t want to become too formulaic
    Does external funding mean being tied to external obligations and agendas?
    Don’t want to lose the fluidity and freedom that allows us to adapt to change or to make change as we see fit.
    Reliance on the ‘big brands’ has always made me uneasy, ning has made me even more nervous about this.
    We have briefly discussed providing a hosting service (I think this is a good idea and we need to take this further) this also raises many questions.

    There is lots more – wish I’d been able to get the post surgery pub session it would have done me good.

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