huddsms II – the sequel

I’ve been thinking lately about how the big names seem to be defining the social web.  Invariably when people ask me about social media they want to know about facebook, twitter and wordpress. So far I’ve been comfortable using these services as a point of reference but as the second Huddersfield Social Media Surgery drew closer I began to question whether it we should be broadening horizons. These thoughts coupled with the now almost persistent questions “Who owns twitter/wordpress and how do they make money?” and “Can I trust these services to look after my content, what if they go bust?” and “Everybody is in it for the money” have led me into what I can only describe as a crisis of confidence and/or conscience (I’m guessing here, I’m a surgeon not a psychiatrist).

The last 7 or 8 months have been quite intense and focused, existing somewhat in a bubble and missing both

would you trust the advice of this man?

would you trust the advice of this man?

localgovcamp Lincoln and UKGovCamp 2010 I feel I/we have become a bit out of the loop. Aware

that great progress is being made through the continuing conversations

taking place at these – and other – events and being unable to contribute and learn from these conversations can be frustrating and uninspiring. Of course, as most people who know me may tell you, I’m usually not at my best in mid-winter.

So with that as a backdrop off I trundled to the media centre for the second surgery determined to learn something from everybody I spoke to. And I did. Thanks for the excellent conversation:

At this point will refer you over to John Popham’s excellent account of  how it all went.

Post surgery debrief in the pub

Huddersfield Social Media - View my 'February 2010 surgery' set on Flickriver


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