festival of light – audition

You’re a fine musician, you’ve got the job. There’s just one or two things I feel I ought to mention.


You will be required to perform rhythmically complex peices of music with no recognisable tonality.

OK I’m happy with that.

The dress may be a little less formal than what you may be used to.

OK, yes, fine.

You will be accompanied by a rock band playing a satanic soundscape through a speakers the size of a small houses…

OK… Yes…

…wearing skeleton suits

Erm right..

Two of whom will also be on a large see-saw playing a bass drum the size of an elephant

A bit unusual but I’m OK with all of that. When’s the first gig?

Next Friday.


Oh! Did I mention that you would be playing whilst suspended from a large mobile several hundred feet above your audience?

Erm… no…

…In the middle of a firework display?

No… erm… could I… erm… perhaps… reconsider…


John Popham’s excellent video footage


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