getting back

PorridgeJust links for today but getting back into it. Except to say that social media is now called Porridge. Acutally that’s a good point mentioned to my by Liz Azyan. I was discussing with her my dropping of the use of the term Web 2.0 because I think it is more indicative of technology. Liz agreed but said it is useful to use Social Media, Web 2.0 and now Porridge depending on the sensitivities of the audience. A jolly good tip. 

  • The twittering classes 
    Twittering in local gov.  I submitted a piece but it didn’t make the final cut.
  • Stop Blocking 
    The value of enabling social media for employees, both inside and outside the firewall, keeps getting reinforced by study after study, yet organizations continue to block access to external sources while resisting internal implementation citing excuses ranging from bandwidth and storage limitations to fears of diminished worker productivity.

I’ve also been dipping into Everything is Miscellanious David Weinberger’s very interesting study of how we order stuff and the changes we need to make to that order in the digital world now that we can have single items in more than one place, and the implications this has for democratising information and knowledge. 


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