breakfast in the crypt

Sorry, going a bit mad with this blog tonight. Doing a quick post audit I’ve realised I’ve got nearly as many posts in draft as I’ve published. Decided to just to publish ’em warts ‘n’ all anyway otherwise what’s the point? Also decided to just blast posts out in a stream of consciousness style from now on to save time, so apologies in advance for bad spelling, grammar and BS (I’m no writer me).

Finally got some time to set up a social media group. This is intended to bring together people together who have an an interest in using social media tools. I’m a bit concerned at the amount of web team people in the group but apart from that I think the mix is quite a good balance between between people with a good deal of experience and people looking to research use. I’ve set up a ning sns for the group to collaborate and share info, arrange events, hold discussions etc. The  group has got to be private for now but would benefit from being opened up in the future.

Been using doodle to arrange the first meeting of the group. Though we’ve not yet been able to get everyone together in February, this is proving to be a really useful tool which has saved me hours of busy searches on people’s diaries.  

Met Shane McCracken this morning for a breakfast meeting in the ‘Crypt‘ and I’ve got to report they do a really good full english. Seriously though I spent a good couple of hours talking social media with Shane who’s citizen engagement and e-democracy experience with other local orgs may well prove useful for the potential locality work currently being looked into.

I would like to thank Shane again for all the help and advice besides Civic Surf that he has generously given me to guide our project to assist councillors to develop their own blogs. It comes as a coincidence that on the same day I met Shane that I learnt about our first councillor’s blog which is great news.



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  1. I can confirm that breakfast in the crypt is terrific. Set me up for the whole day.

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