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I have been asked about the background picture on my Twitter profile It came about as a result of a social interaction which went on make a small but significant improvement to a local gov website. Here’s what I jotted down at the time.

It has struck me how a social connection (my wife ringing me about the kids) and – it’s got to be said – an impressive display of team work – produced a web page of important, current and relevant information for the benefit of people visiting the Kirklees Council website.

If you like soap operas you may be able to follow this (I don’t so can’t).

Jess has a conversation with Jean and learns that Rochdale Council are closed the following day due to the potential bad weather.

Concerned about child care Jess rings Steve T to find if Kirklees Council are closing too. 

Steve T tells team about Rochdale.

Steve L and Steve T check Rochdale’s web site and discover how well they are covering the current weather situation.

Steve T talks to Steph – who is working on school closures info with Hayley – about expanding the info.

Steve T pulls together all relevant info and creates menu page, amends alert on homepage and creates several mistakes.

Matthew spots mistakes and corrects.

Matthew source controls the changes made by Steve T who was unable to due to technical problems.

Graeme amends and improves menu page created by Steve T.

Result: A better, more informative web site.

Next steps: allowing people to contribute and enhance this kind of information themselves?


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