birmingham, south cambridgeshire and manchester

Quite a buzz going round today about Big City Talk. with everybody agreeing that this is a great effort. Whilst I’ve not yet been able to find out a legal position regarding altering and republishing of information the Plain English Campaign are confirming that they have received several nominations for the site. Nick Booth, one of the organisers of  Big City Talk last night told me: “We don’t want to embarass the council – we want them to talk t us so it gets better…” Examples like this are certainly showing the way to modernisation for the public sector.

And on a similar note, Dave Briggs has a deserved rant and puts forward some great ideas for local gov to better engage with citizens after he discovered a poor attempt at engagement at South Cambridgeshire District Council  

Meanwhile, back up north, The Mancunian Way – the blog of the Manchester Evening News – has a post about last week’s #smc_mcr in which they quote my post on the event. Even though I’m no writer, I’m quite pleased about that, it must be an ego thing. As well as comments on the event, Sam Easterby Smith has also posted a detailed review of his own session on mashups


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