expenditure mashup

Thinking about the possibilities of making information on council expenditure more accessible, accountable and portable. My starting point has been a map/data mashup with the hope of the granularity getting right down to street level (well you’ve got to start big). The main objective here has to be the accessibility of the data. If the data can be organised in such a way that it can be produced in a standardised xml format the portability and accountability will naturally follow on.

How much spent in each postcode sector broken down by service. Geotagged?

Thinking about interactive map of council expenditure & the possibility of getting the granularity down to street level timely info citizens

simonwakeman @steventuck nice idea, but street level hard, esp given much spend is non-location specific eg schools unless u generalised

ShaneMcC @StevenTuck getting council expenditure online wld be good start. Google docs ss with £s per postcode sector b/d by service. Let others map

@simonwakeman thank u that is prob (rumaging thru budget reports) may have 2 scale down – obj = make expenditure more accessible/accountable

@ShaneMcC Nice angle thanks, I will certainly look into that aspect publication and the possiblity of portable formats – xml rss etc

simonwakeman @steventuck it may be poss to make some geographic generalisations about some spend (eg roads), but some will be impossible to work out

podnosh @StevenTuck Make that an interactive map of all public spending in a neighbourhood and you’ll enrich democracy.

Update 11th Feb 

It’s now been confirmed that the data is not in a suitable state to achieve this. I still believe that a project to make the data suitable is a worthy one and hope to revisit this in the future. You win some, you lose some.


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