marsden mechanics community website?

I’ve been contacted tonight to advise on the relocation of the Marsden Mechanics website. Being a small charity unable to justify the expense of constant small updates and wanting to promote the facilities at the Mechanics more as a community resource, they are looking for a solution which they can easily maintain themselves. This could be good candidate for it’s own social network web site providing the facilities for admins to add content and events, the community with a message board and the ability to provide content and media both before and after events.

I have also been asked to join the Mechanics Management Committee, first meeting tomorrow which I cannot attend as I shall be at (#smc_mcr) social media cafe manchester III hopefully attending Tim Difford‘s session:

Are Social Media tools the key to unlocking truly productive multi-location projects?
Can the face-to-face demands of collaborative team-working be replaced or simply augmented by Social Media?

Other important news today……

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