created in birmingham


Best UK blog

Best UK blog

The public and 3rd sector social media Twitterverse has gone into overdrive this weekend rallying in response to a call to arms from Nick Booth aka @podnosh to vote for the Created in Birmingham blog for Best UK Blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards 

A real dog fight of edge of seat, end to end action between the CIB and Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail and the Spectator has been raging for most of the week and is set to reach a nail biting climax with the poll ending this Tuesday.

Nick has been utilising the full force of his social media networks both on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere no doubt, whilst ‘Mad Mel’ has the full force of the traditional media to rally her supporters. So as well as a good old fashioned political battle this one is also a battle between new and traditional media. With plently more thrills and spills to come the poll is currently running at:

CIB 3576 (35.9)

Melanie Phillips 3300 (33.1)

Still too close to call so go to Best UK Blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards and cast your vote for CIB and help lower my blood pressure. 




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