Kirklees Green Party councillors using YouTube

Comments on this video:
Sounds great, wish I lived in Kirklees. I’m struggling to start a new business but still had to pay for my recent loft insulation. Well done greens!

Great stuff! Now let’s see this all over the country! What better way to combat fuel poverty than to make the energy FREE! So for councils to install free solar water heaters as well as free insulation makes perfect sense, because free hot water would also save millions of tonnes of CO2 from being dumped in the atmosphere each year. Go Kirklees! 

That’s a refreshing change from the negative stuff about the area that’s been about at the end of  last year.

A great idea by Dave Briggs
Making Council Meetings Social on his blog stemming from the coverage of the Cisco Interactive Public Sector Summit for 2008  in Stockholm – of which he played a big part. Dave has got together with Ingrid Koehler to create a similar service for upcoming IDeA event: The next stage of performance management for operational improvement  at http://ideaperformance.com/

In his post Making Council Meetings Social Dave talks about using the same techniques for broadcasting local gov meetings to a wider audience. I have since learnt from him that Newcastle are interested in taking this idea forward so will be keeping an watch on that project and wishing it every success.



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