first day back in 2009

This was an interesting exchange which took place on Twitter today.


back in the belly of Leviathan, working on power of information recommendations
tom_watsontom_watson @willperrin Very good. Do let the minister know when complete.

willperrinwillperrin @tom_watson that will be government 2.0 then – possibly a first for minister-civil servant communication via twitter?

willperrinwillperrin can anyone cite accurately where Weber’s construct of civli servants as political ‘neutered eunuchs’ comes from – me no Weber expert

tom_watsontom_watson @willperrin Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Otherwise someone will commission a guidance note. What’s happened to no10 petitions btw?

willperrinwillperrin @tom_watson petitions are moderated (excellent set of rules ) simple seasonal break i think

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