survey young employees’ use of social networking sites

Summary of the results:  survey about young employees’ use of social networking sites

Of the 324 young employees who were sent the survey, 30% (n= 97) took part.

  • 97% (n=91) said that they use social networking sites such as Facebook or Friends Reunited
  • Of the sites that respondents use, the three most commonly mentioned were Facebook (97% n=90), MySpace (37%, n=34) and Friends Reunited (20%, n=19).
  • 64% of respondents (n=62) said that they would access social networking sites at work if they could, whereas only 8% (n=8), said that they would not. Over a quarter of respondents (28%, n=27) said that they were not sure if they would do this.
  • When asked if they would use social networking sites to network with other young employees working for Kirklees Council, over two thirds of respondents (69%, n=67) said that they would. 9% (n=9) said that they would not, and under a quarter (22% n=21), said that they weren’t sure.

Of the potential benefits young employees of accessing these sites, common themes were:

  • To boost morale (being trusted by manager/ the organisation)
  • Internet usage revolves round trust and not abusing this. I would enjoy being able to especially use Facebook on my dinner break. If the Council is to move with the times and attract and retain young people then this could be looked at
  • To provide something to do during breaks
  • Would give me something to do at work at lunch time!
  • To network with other employees across the council (both young employees and other colleagues)
  • Building relationships with remote colleagues and groups of colleagues I interact with outside my own team
  • You could keep in contact with other young employees and give each other help and advice that is work related. I feel as a young person that we all need to help each other especially when you have not been working for the council long!
  • To network with colleagues in other councils
  • Ability to network with other council employees that may not be in my team. Keep in contact with colleagues that have moved services or moved to other councils.
  • To organise events and share work
  • I share my ‘phone with 5 other employees. I often have to wait for the ‘phone. MSN, or an equivalent, would enable a real-time response rather than waiting for the ‘phone, or waiting for an e-mail reply.
  • Updating information relevant to the Youth Network Meeting, also updating my diary for events relevant to work.

Although the majority of respondents commented that access to social networking sites through work would be beneficial, some said that they would prefer not to have access:

  • There would be no significant benefit as being at work isn’t really the place to use social network sites. I would rather use them at home.
  • I think they would get used in works time for persons own purpose rather than works.”

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