Thinking about downloading flock – the social networking browser – I first decided to seek the advice from my network of learned social media Twitter chums.

Steven Tuck

StevenTuck has anyone tried flock and what did you think?

Jaki Booth parboo @StevenTuck the wallpaper? Bit dated I’d say

Dave Briggsdavebriggs @StevenTuck it’s ok. find it a bit busy though

MartinSFPMartinSFP @StevenTuck I liked it but it’s useless for RSS feeds if you use more than one machine. Decided to go back to Firefox and use Google Reader

timdiffordtimdifford @StevenTuck Yes Flock’s good but it drives your Twitter api down if you leave it on, rendering you tweetless when out and about.

Phill Healeymunklefish @StevenTuck its flocking awesome! Highly recommend. Im a big flocker!

Steven TuckStevenTuck @munklefish controversial – but still 3 – 1 against 🙂

timdiffordtimdifford @StevenTuck I’m not against flock. I must just remember to close it down before leaving the house. It’s Twitter interface isn’t great though

timdiffordtimdifford @StevenTuck flock – it’s a jack of all trades, as it masters none. A souped up Firefox probably trumps it.

Steven TuckStevenTuck Thanks @timdifford I thought proflockists were rallying then but in the absence of a strong advantage i’ll stick with firefox and feedDemon

Phill Healeymunklefish @StevenTuck its about much more than just twitter though. It lets you blog and facebook etc from one place. Create 1 click site searches.

Phill Healeymunklefish automatically detects rss feeds and so much more.

Phill Healeymunklefish the bloging tool alone is worth it.


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